Is Health effects of stress?

This may at first glance seem fairly obvious question with a pretty obvious answer that stress has a negative or negative impact on a person’s health, physical or mental.

While this may seem true for most people, it is slightly higher underlying complex issues concerning the nature of stress, its value and the disadvantage is that, and why understanding the nature of stress and how it should be treated can have a major impact on a person’s health .

It is relatively new understanding in the field of holistic medicine that stress can affect a person’s health. Until fairly recently it was believed that external factors have relatively little effect on a person’s health, it was many of the individual handle external environment to decide how they felt.

This really was saying that a person should really be bullet-proof, and with few exceptions the external environment and the intensity of the environment had relatively little effect on a person’s ability to function.

This belief has pretty much swung the other way today, with the understanding that the external environment induced stress have no effect, and it’s much healthier focus on either the removal of some of the levels of stress if possible, or to find ways to help a person cope with the nature of stress.

It is also understood that a certain amount of stress can actually be quite good at times, partly because they create a degree incentive and impetus for the same person to change and do things and take their lives in a way they could not do otherwise .

The whole emphasis on the individual to maintain their own sense of their health by understanding their health and what works for and against them as a person becomes more of pressing the rising costs of health insurance and health care, and the obligation that puts the individual to take responsibility for their own health and factors that affect it.

The issue of stress should perhaps explained by dividing it into two categories, external catalysts stress and internal stress inducers. This includes important because it explains aspects of life as an individual is in control, and explains aspects of life that person is not in control.

When a person is clear, or clearer about what they are in control of their lives that they have a sense of purpose to be able to change what they can. Often external stress such as stress, travel / commute pressure and family pressure are often considered to be outside the control of the individual, and as such represent a higher level of stress because they are powerless to affect the outcome.

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