A Visit illness compared with wellness or preventive care visit – What is the difference


Wellness visit

Some insurance plans include annual wellness visit as part of preventive care benefits. A wellness visit is usually an annual physical. Usually, it is not covered by your copays unless the plan specifically states that it does. This is where people get into trouble. They do not know that there is a difference between a wellness visit and illness visit. As a result, they end up having to pay $ 200 to $ 400 for a wellness visit. Do not rely on your doctor to give you a heads up … they do not know what your insurance plan covers.

Of course, the insurance company wants to make sure you stay healthy. It’s good for you to get physically often, some unexpected if caught early can save time, money and perhaps life. They want to achieve the changes in your health early because it could potentially cost them less in claims

Illness visit :.

A sick visit focuses on copays phone. If you wake up one morning and have a sore throat or flu, you feel you need to see a doctor. Since you are sick, this should be subject to copays phone.

You have to be careful here too. The illness visit copays only covers “what the doctor says, not what he does.” For example, consultations covered copays, but if he draws blood, or other tests, it may or may not fall … it’s usually not covered. Loyal customers are saddened when they get the bill shows that they owe more money when all the time, they thought they were just spending $ 25 or $ 50 as copays. If you are not sure, ask while you’re there at the doctor’s office.

If your doctor suggests that you get a MRI, CT tests or other expensive diagnostic procedure done, make sure you know first, it is absolutely necessary, and second, that is going to pay for it? A call to the insurance company, even while you’re there at the doctor’s office, can give you an answer to that question.

In short, make sure you know whether you are allowed one preventive, wellness visit per year. Is it under your copays? Is it part of your plan? Also make sure that if you visit a doctor because of illness, whether the test he is proposing is discussed copays. (Usually it is not, but you can verify this by calling your insurance company to get a ruling first. The 800 number on your insurance card is the place to start.


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