RN Scope of Practice – Nurse duties and responsibilities


The RN scope of practice can be very broad, and can vary from state to state and from institution to institution. Each state has laws about what is appropriate for different types of nursing professionals to do.

Individual institutions also have policy manuals that describe the scope of practice for different types of medical and nursing professionals who work there, which may be more stringent than those of the state.

Many countries have a list of questions that RN to ask for his or herself to decide whether something is in the RN scope of practice where they work.

Some of the common questions that are used to determine whether something is included in the work of An rn are 😕

1) This is expressly prohibited by the nurse practice act of the state where the nurse is practicing

2) Is the skill something you were taught to do in such a study, or in any continuing education programs you’ve completed which included an internship?

3) Is this method considered in policy manuals for the organization where you work?

4) Does this project pass the “Prudent and reasonable” standard for nursing?

If the nurse is still unsure to ask appropriate questions whether a particular project falls under the area of ​​their work, they can request confirmation from their state nursing board whether or not a particular project falls under their responsibility.

RN duties usually includes things like food on the health of individuals and come up with appropriate strategies Health Nursing fulfill all health care needs that have been identified. Nurses typically work with other health care professionals and physicians to provide appropriate care and education to individuals under their care.

As different countries have different rules, it is important to check with the nursing laws in the state where a nurse’s practice to figure out exactly what is and is not within the area, RN or liability.

Many questions can be answered by checking the appropriate rules and regulations. Companies where nurses work also have rules about what they think RN scope of practice in their organization, and some may require medical supervision in areas where others could not. It is important for each nurse to be sure of what falls under the duties and responsibilities, so that they do just what is considered appropriate for them.


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