Interview Tips and Tricks for medical transcriptionists


1. Show professionalism in all approach. It gives the first impression about you. Do the best.

2. Read your resume several times and check all types of errors including grammatical errors, typos and misspellings. If possible, ask someone else to go through it and ask for their comments on the same document.

3. Display control over the language of showcasing it through e-mail that you have sent a request for an interview. Fill it with complete and clear sentences that makes you seem to have an edge over your competitors.

4. Resumes should be updated and not outdated. So make sure that it is filled with the right information viz. telephone number, address and other information should be OK.

5. Using the e-mail id is professional help in many ways. First name and surname must be completely filled in the contact information (mailboxes). It is very unprofessional to use fancy names or short form who do not know really you.

6. References and previous email while answering to the employer. This will make it easy for him to understand what you are talking about and what you are referring to in this post. Structure your answers professional, they should be made up of complete sentences and should also include your name.

7. Your emails should always be professional and should include first and last name at the end of the signature. In case you are expecting the employer to contact you, including your phone number was good and advantageous.

8. When giving information about your professional experience, elaborate work that you have done for no more than 10 years. No one wants to look for what you have done for the past 20 years. Be crisp and highlight the uniqueness of the current work you are doing ie hospitals, clinics, radiology, etc. Also elaborate on the type of reports you know that is OPS H & PS, consult hospital, outpatient consultations.

9. Spell out information about education after joining work. You might be marking the edge over others by making it.

10. Never give any personal information about your marital status, number of children, age, etc. in your resume. They can give a special form to fill when joining the company.

11. If you are to be interviewed over the phone, be organized and professional. Have any comments highlight the essential information you need to give. They may include dates prior experience, production, QA score, the existing compensation and benefits expectations, computer specs, and other information that an employer could ask for. The interview is a two way process, even you might want to ask certain questions. Make sure that they are concise and relevant.


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