Common Mistakes Medical Billing


Only when the damage to restrain or deny, do billing staff trying to trace out what went wrong. And then they realize that there has been some thing they have overlooked, a mistake that should have been corrected in the medical billing process itself. With the high cost of health care in the US medical billing error has often created conditions that make some unhappy customers get false invoices and making him pay more than he needs to. If such circumstances, the client does not have the necessary insurance documents in order, his condition will be a loser.

Tracking billing mistakes is not always easy, even for billing professionals and is sure impossible for naive client / patient with not much technical knowledge about it. Often we come across many people wondering why a simple action did cost them a fortune. It is for health professionals to avoid such mistakes common billing amount is often carelessly and could be caused by defects in the internal communication process. Here is a list of the most common mistakes collection often becomes the cause for the delay or denial of an insurance claim / bill repayment.

  • Wrong patient identification number
  • Wrong ICD-9-CM code with the fourth / fifth out numbers when needed
  • Duplicate claims
  • wrong date service
  • Wrong price charged
  • procedural requirements not fully furnished by the other party
  • No correlation between ICD-9-CM codes and CPT codes
  • ID physician not available
  • charged more surgical than used
  • Type service code is not mentioned
  • paid for the canceled services / tests
  • Bill amount a total mistake
  • Treatment / service was not confirmed
  • Service / treatment administered invalid center / point of service
  • Service was not a medical necessity
  • Place service code not mentioned

Some recommendations given to reduce medical Billings in physician offices are, the accountant who is well schooled in medicine policy and terms. Errors must be corrected immediately when found out and make sure to remember not to repeat the same mistake again. It is always right to report the error to the government, even though one can be fined for it.


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