Skills and Duties of a Medical Transcription Professional


The medical transcription profession is worth Considering as a career especially Because it is predicted That the MT profession Will be in high demand for many more years to come. This is chiefly Because of the rise in the total number of the aging population and Will cause the entireties health care sector to experience a boom for the next ten years as predicted by the US DOL. So as the years go by, one Can expectancies That there Will be more and more hospitals / doctors / nurses and other health care Technicians Including Medical transcriptionists.

What are the basic Requirements to become a good medical transcription professional? They include

  • High school level education
  • Good communication skill
  • Above average in spelling
  • Should be good at sorting, checking verifying Numerical data
  • Ability to follow written instruction
  • Records maintenance portability
  • Good typing skill
  • Skill in the use of computer
  • Good eye / hand / foot coordination
  • A good medical transcriptionist has to Learn and have a good knowledge of basic to advanced medical terminology. The proper application of grammar and the Ability to use correct punctuations are also essential prerequisites to be Successful as a medical transcriptionist.

    Among the various Duties of a medical transcriptionist are

  • Transcribing patient information like social security number
  • Transcribing patient medical record
  • maintaining references for medical terminology / procedures
  • Medical Transcription log book maintenance
  • Collecting dictation tapes
  • Distributing finished transcripts / reports
  • Medical Transcription Supervisors are seniors WHO do all the follows up on the physicians, take care of all the missing and / or late dictation and are Responsible for the timely delivery of reports. Other Duties include doing quality assurance checking, maintaining backups, ordering supplies, reports generation and reporting problems in the infrastructure / machinery etc.


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