Nasal Sinus Surgery


Nasal sinus surgery in medical terms can also be referred to as ethmoid sinus surgery or at times endoscopic sinus surgery can also be referred to as nasal sinus surgery because the endoscope or a thin optic tube is inserted through the nose.

Firstly, in order to understand this surgical procedure of nasal sinus surgery one needs to first know what is exactly an ethmoid sinus allergy/infection is and also where is this sinus located. Ethmoid sinus is located next to the eye and near the nose; and when this part is infected by bacteria; which is the primary cause in most cases this area swells. Swelling leads to narrowing down of the channel that lies between the nose and the mentioned sinus and a self-formed barricade disables the free flowing of water, mucus and other secretions. Similarly in cases of frontal sinus and maxillary sinus the infected areas swell and cause problems.

Nasal sinus surgery not only helps in getting relief from uneasiness and discomfort that complements sinus infection but also is painless. But nasal sinus surgery should only be performed after it is advised by an E.N.T specialist/ otolaryngologist and under the supervision of hands with expertise because of the sensitive location of this particular sinus in concern. The sensitive location increases the chances of damage to both eyes as well as brain. That is the reason why in nasal sinus surgery is either performed with the help of an endoscope in general cases i.e., by Endoscopic Sinus Surgery or Functional Endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS) or in severe chronic cases by Image guided surgery.

Image guided surgery is a comparatively new technique that rules out doubts that would have cropped up with the idea of inserting a tube in a sensitive area where there is a possibility of irreversible damage to the tissues and nerves that are connected to the brain or eyes. The Image guided surgery is carried out with the help of a three dimensional mapping system which is bringing together of CT scan and real-time information that gives the exact location of the infected area and the infrared rays are used as surgical tools.

Nasal sinus surgery not only subdues the discomforts caused by infected sinuses but also is the last resort in cases of chronic or severe chronic sinusitis.


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